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Midway through the AWP Writers’ Conference and it’s pure bliss

I took two days off work to attend the three-day Association for Writers and Writing Program 2022 conference. Talk about time and money well spent! I’ve enjoyed each of the five (or more) presentations I’ve attended each day, and I have pages of notes filled with resources and inspiration for my next writing projects.

Tomorrow is the final day and I’m already sad that it will be over, but I’m excited about utilizing what I’ve learned.

Day one:

  • Feral Turkeys & Dog Poop Bags: No Subject Is Too Strange for Creative Nonfiction
  • What’s Form Got to Do with It: Finding Shape in Memoir Projects
  • The Hybrid Poem & Its Myriad Possibilities
  • W.W. Norton Poets: A New Generation
  • The Blended Memoir: When Memoir Isn’t Just Memoir

Day two:

  • Erasure Poetry: Ethics & Best Practices
  • The Medium is the Message?: Writers Working Across Genres
  • No F*cks to Give: Women on the Poetics of Sex & Raunch
  • Research & Reckoning: How Nonfiction Research Allows Us to Reckon with the Past
  • The Buzz on Book Doctors: When Hiring an Editor Is Worth Your Time & Money
  • Houses Full of Houses: The Structure & Craft of Building Story Collections