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TikTok readings and compiling my next book…

It’s been a busy week or two. I decided I’ve got to do something with these hundreds of poems and essays I’ve been writing, so I’m organizing them into my next book. My two previous books were published five years ago (I can’t believe it!), and those were both about grief. This book encompasses more than that devastating era. My poems have helped me to examine the foibles (and successes) of my past and my journey of self-discovery that has resulted since I began therapy after my husband’s death.

I retired a little more than a year ago and began studying with a wonderful writing instructor named Nadia Colburn through her online courses. She offers hybrid courses that include meditation, yoga, and writing prompts. We also meet online periodically for live sessions. I’ve taken a variety of Nadia’s courses and the creative output she has inspired in me is unbelievable. I have daily writing routines, and I’ve never been this successful at meditation before. (I have a busy busy mind. lol.) However, Nadia’s meditation sessions clear my head and her writing prompts inspire the words to simply flow out of me. I’m attending a new poetry course with her on October 1st.

I owe Nadia a huge thank you for helping me to tap into my muse and write dozens of these poems and essays under her tutelage. I hope to write many more.

Since I’ll be self-publishing, I’ll also be self-promoting. I decided to jump on the TikTok bandwagon to do some poetry readings (I’m thewritingwoman). Reading my poetry in a recording was much less anxiety-producing than a live reading where I’d see the audience reaction. I consider it a stepping stone to future readings.

I also have posted some samples of the poems that will be included in my book on TikTok and Instagram. Exposing my personal writings online is always a nail-biting experience, nothing like baring my soul for all to see! Check out “Perspectives.”

I’ve always been excited by life’s possibilities. I can’t wait to see how my book develops and I’m excited to finally have the time to create, discover, and see what lies next in my fantastic and fun life as a retiree/author. Wish me luck!