Writing courses

Letting Go – A Poem

Day 2 of January Writing Challenge: Write about what you take in and what you can get rid of. What nourishes you, and what you can let go. Use words – bodies, cinnamon, fulfillment, nameless, floating, cattails LETTING GO In the sixth decade of my life I’ve learned to drink it all in That everyone Read More →

Route 66 – A Poem

Day three of January writing challenge…  I loved the Clifton poem and rope imagery and the writing prompt. Thank you for another inspiring lesson! How do you imagine your journey of life and how do you want to represent it? ROUTE 66 As I travel to my next destination I wonder how long until Read More →

Windows – An Essay

Writing Course, Day 4 Windows, Baudelaire (year-long practice with extra prompts). I find I really enjoy incorporating the prompts and the challenge of putting all the words into a cohesive thought – but quickly and with sudden inspiration. Does anyone else wonder at where these thoughts even came from as they spill out of you Read More →


From Nadia Colburn’s 31+ Day Meditation and Writing Course, Day 14 Prompts: GRASS CHILD OLD MOUTHS DEATH MOMENT HANDS My hands are old. I remember how smooth the skin was when I was a child, but now I have my grandmother’s hands. She’s under the grass now, my grandmother, and all the rest of those Read More →